Knowing that our Creator created us to use and develop our creative gifts, Calebria Webb and Sally LePla have invented a short virtual event called “Drawing with a Tea to let each of us play — to find our inner artists through drawing. Please feel free to join us with a pencil and paper (but NO erasers) to find the fun in drawing in exercises of 5 minutes or less for 30 minutes. Drawing with a Tea can offer you a new way of sharing with our Christ Church community while unleashing your inner artist!

Take on this easy challenge. It will be so fun!
About Sally LePla
Sally LePla has been an active member of Christ Church for over 40 years, including as a member of the choir. Building on a life spanning careers in law, counseling therapy, profit and nonprofit leadership, marketing, whole system rapid change design, meeting design/facilitation, writing, book editing and the arts, Sally has merged these with her love of all things art and all things people. She creates and teaches art which is exhibited in the USA and Canada. A life-long learner, she encourages all whom she meets to do the same. She has decided her God-given passion is to preserve the child in each of us. Sally says she is still exploring what else she wants to do!
Christ Church Detroit