The Vestry is composed of twelve parish members who work with clergy, staff, and parishioners to oversee and implement church policies, programming, and ministry.  Working committees of the Vestry include Finance and Stewardship, Buildings and Grounds, Pastoral Care, Outreach, and more.

At Christ Church, vestry members are elected to a three-year term at the Annual Meeting held in January. One-third of the Vestry finishes their term each year, to be replaced by newly elected members.

The head of the Vestry is the Senior Warden, who is responsible for running meetings with the rector. The Christ Church Vestry generally meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm, and any parishioner is welcome to attend.

Christ Church Vestry and Officers

Denise Crenshaw - Senior Warden

Betty Warner - Junior Warden

Jim Treece - Secretary

Howard Matthew - Treasurer

Ruth Boeder

Claire Brown

Mary Brown

Desmond Jones

John Leney

Carolyn Maher

Anthony Mitchell

Jose Rodriguez

Christ Church Detroit