Weddings at Christ Church


The marriage of two people is a holy union, given by God for mutual joy. We joyfully welcome and affirm all couples, inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations, who wish to be married in the Episcopal Church, provided that at least one member of the couple is a baptized Christian or wishes to be baptized. If you are divorced, you may be remarried in the Episcopal Church with approval from the bishop. (Please allow for additional time to complete this approval process.)

Get to know Christ Church! You do not have to be a member of this, or any, church to be married here; however, you may find that attending worship here is a good way to explore whether this is the place where you want your wedding to take place. The start of your married life together is a great time to join a community of faith. Worship on Sunday mornings at 8:15am or at 10:30am.

Scheduling Weddings: Weddings may be scheduled throughout the Church year, except during the season of Lent and the first week of Easter. We are able to schedule weddings with as little as six months notice, but no more than eighteen months in advance.

Wedding Space: Our main sanctuary seats 350 and is a glorious example of Gothic Revival architecture with diverse stained glass windows, golden ceilings, and a beautiful center aisle. It does not have air conditioning, so you may want to take that into consideration when scheduling your date.

Getting Started on Your Wedding: To begin the process, please contact Associate for Operations Sarah Tribelhorn at or 313-259-6688.

There are a couple of forms to fill out as you begin the planning process. Let us know if you have any questions prior to completing them! When you are ready, please email the completed forms to Sarah Tribelhorn

Declaration of Intention

General Information

Photography Agreement

Wedding Liturgy Form 2021-2022

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