Funerals at Christ Church

Funeral Planning in a Pandemic

Making arrangements for a funeral can be a challenging process under the best of circumstances, and the constraints imposed by a global pandemic can add another layer of complexity.

In these unusual times, we will support you with compassion and grace. Our clergy and staff will work with you to ensure that the service will be meaningful while still honoring the Bishop’s directives and protecting the physical well-being of those involved.

To get started, please review our Funeral Planning form. While developed pre-pandemic, much remains the same.

What you’ll find in the form:

  • The first page includes info that the church must keep for its records (you know that the Episcopal Church keeps detailed records!) and other main decisions.
    • The first page asks, “Would you like Eucharist at the service?” If you wish to have communion as part of the service, please discuss with Rev. Emily. Although we at Christ Church Detroit have not practiced communion since the pandemic began due to safety concerns, our clergy will consider offering if that is your wish.
  • The second page is a checklist of suggested readings, and you’ll find the readings themselves on pages 5-14.
  • The third page is about music and participants in the service.
    • At this time, we cannot sing together as a group, but we can accommodate a soloist, if you wish to include music. Additional music options include instruments such as harp, string quartet, carillon bells, electronic keyboard.
  • The fourth is about contributions and details.
    • Most of the fee schedule does not apply these days. The only fees would go directly to the musicians, if you wish to involve them. Contributions to the church are most welcome, although not at all required!
  • The final page suggests some hymns.
    • As mentioned, we cannot sing as a group, but there are other ways to incorporate music.

Getting Started: To begin the process, please contact Associate for Operations Sarah Tribelhorn at or 313-259-6688.

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