It’s time for the Detroit Aria Competition!

In a year where all live performances are cancelled due to the pandemic, our resident opera company, Opera MODO, is working hard to promote the art of operatic singing while supporting struggling artists and students.  CCD Music Director, Dr. Ed Maki-Schramm, reminds us, “It’s important to remember that singers and artists do not create their art for leisure or simple pleasure.  They create art because they have to.  It’s in their souls and lives, just like the air they breathe.” Christ Church Detroit normally supports Opera MODO‘s Aria Competition every year, and this year is no exception; the competition will be going online, allowing the positivity and creativity to keep flowing. In this season of pandemic, when so much creativity is stifled, we are thrilled to support Opera MODO as a venue for young, creative people to add the beauty of Detroit’s cultural landscape.  Click Here for details on eligibility, prizes and how to enter.


Christ Church Detroit