contributed by Dr. Ruth Boeder, Junior Warden

We’re doing a new thing this June. It’s a fairly simple thing: buying some water bottles and granola bars, setting up some tents, and sharing a snack and a friendly smile with passersby. But as one of the people organizing it, I’ve been asked to explain why I felt it was important that we observe Pride month not just by putting up signs or flags, but also serving the community in some more active way. 

It matters that the truth of God’s love is spoken and shared; as people of faith, this work is our joyful duty. The lessons we’ve been reading from Acts during the Easter season have told us about many ways that our ancestors in the faith began carrying this message to their communities in their words and actions. We are charged with meeting people’s needs by sharing water and food with those who are thirsty and hungry—and on a June weekend, you know there will be plenty of folks in need of water! And of course, anyone who passes by our tents will be welcome to help themselves to refreshments. 

But I believe it matters that the LGTBQ+ community in particular knows about our parish during this time. For too long, their community has been denied spiritual connection and the refreshment from receiving the living water. Too many churches are still deeply homophobic, and the young people who grow up in them learn to hate others or to hate themselves. Too many young gay, trans, and queer people grow up hearing the message that God hates who they are. Countering that lie and demonstrating God’s love to the LGBTQ+ community can be life-saving work. CCD has been doing this for decades and our hospitality tent during Pride Weekend is an extension of that work. I hope that you’ll join me and your fellow CCD members for a couple of hours on June 11 or 12 to share physical and spiritual refreshment with our neighbors and the LGBTQ+ community. 


Christ Church Detroit