When we last reported in June, we introduced the congregation to Scott Collins and Miea Loiselle of BDC Consulting, the owner’s representatives for Christ Church Detroit, who are helping to guide us through our renovation. The Renovation Action Committee (RAC) is pleased to report that with BDC’s help, our renovation plans are moving forward well.

Bell Tower Restoration: The exterior stone work on the bell tower the church is nearly complete! Our contractor RAM Construction reports that the third and final phase of its work is ahead of schedule and on budget.

Sanctuary Floor and Pews: This is a multi-phased project. The first phase is nearly complete: wooden supports were rebuilt beneath the flooring where needed; custom terracotta tile has been handmade locally and installed in the side aisles to match the historic originals. We are also close to completion of the sealing of and trim work surrounding that new tile. The next phase includes new flooring beneath the pews, handicap seating areas, removal of one pew in the front and back pew to improve functionality and accessibility, and possibly removing pew dividers. In the meantime, repairs will be done so the roping of the rear pews will no longer be necessary by this November.

Exterior Work of our Campus: Our next task is “securing the envelope” of our church campus. We have hired Quinn Evans to complete the construction drawings for that work, which will include waterproofing, a new roof and new windows for Ledyard Hall, storm drainage systems, landscaping, an electrical survey of our buildings, and possible solar panels, among other items. Those drawings will be sent to select contractors for bid in October. Our intent is to select a contractor by Thanksgiving and to have our professional team— Quinn Evans, BDC, and the Contractor— work through the winter to finalize construction plans that are within our budget, order materials, and be ready to start work in the spring of 2024. Once the exterior plans are finalized, the RAC will host a parish town hall to share the plans (with any luck, in January 2024).

The Interior Work: While the professionals are moving forward with the exterior renovation, the RAC is forming a subcommittee, the “Ledyard 100” team, to start to plan for the interior Ledyard and kitchen renovations. The subcommittee will include representatives from interested church groups including Outreach, Education, Music, and Rev. Emily to establish a vision for future use and renovation of the spaces as Ledyard Hall, built in 1924 as the Ledyard Memorial Gymnasium, enters its second century. This work is in collaboration with the National Fund for Sacred Places and community partners. The team will aim to articulate and share the vision by spring 2024.

If you have not yet joined the 95 households who have pledged or given to the Capital Campaign, please consider doing so! We do not yet have the funds in place to complete the final phase of our work and will need everyone’s help to get it done.

Please feel free to contact Campaign Committee Co-Chairs Seth Lloyd and Lisa Jones, Senior Warden Ruth Boeder, Renovation Action Committee Chair Laura Sanom, or Rev. Emily with any questions, concerns, or ideas. Thank you!

Christ Church Detroit