During these difficult times, the need to care for each other is greater than ever. Christ Church Detroit has a new ministry team devoted to service.

Emily’s Angels: The Christ Church Cares Committee will respond to requests for assistance from members and friends, performing such tasks as light grocery shopping, meal deliveries, and staying in touch by mail and or phone. The committee also plans to commit unsolicited random acts of kindness!

Here’s how it works. If you could use some help, or know of someone who could benefit from some assistance, you can contact either your Shepherd, or Sarah Tribelhorn in the church office – email: sarah@christcd.org or phone: 313-259-6688. They then will alert Emily’s Angels. Emily and the clergy staff will be informed, but requests will remain otherwise confidential.

Emily’s Angels already have begun their ministry on a pilot basis, but will need more help to carry out their mission. Here are two ways you can become involved.

Since this is a new ministry, the Christ Church Cares Committee Planning Team is still figuring out what to do and how to do it. Members of the Planning Team are Chuck Atwater, Alesia Bicknell, Claire Brown, Denise Crenshaw, and Betty Warner. If you’d like to be part of the Planning Team, please let Sarah in the office know.

More than 10 volunteers already have agreed to be Helping Hands, but more are welcome. You can choose what level of involvement suits you. That can range from contacting persons with a card or phone call, to dropping off gift bags or delivering meals to people’s front porches, to doing light grocery shopping for those who can’t or shouldn’t go out. Some needs may be regular, but most will be spur-of-the-moment. Again, please let Sarah in the office know.

This ministry can only fulfill its promise if members are willing to ask for assistance. If you need some help, please offer the Helpers the gift of a chance to serve. None of us are going to make it through this pandemic on our own. Not only is there no shame in admitting we need each other, it’s healthy to do so.

contributed by Denise Crenshaw & Jim Treece

Christ Church Detroit