The Heritage Committee is working on several fun projects to help capture and communicate the stories of Christ Church, and would love to have you get involved!

What are we up to? 
Crafting a Timeline: We’re creating a visual narrative to show how events at Christ Church played out in relationship to local, national, and even global events.
Capturing first-person narratives: Our team of interviewers will be working with parishioners to capture video and audio testimonials of their lives at Christ Church.
Creating & curating heritage based content for Church archives, including the website and social media

Read all the details at your leisure, here!

Why are we doing this?
These heritage projects will pull together our church’s rich history, significant present and incredible future in a deeply significant way for all of us.
We need all kinds of talents and gifts to make these projects come to life, including the things we have thought of so far. We know that your energy and enthusiasm will bring us even more ideas and projects!

How you can get involved
If you are feeling called to help out and are ready to express your passion, please take our 3 Question Survey to help shape our plans.

If you have any questions, please contact team leaders Roger Basse, Donna Gloff, or Clarke Mason.

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