It’s true! A new member directory is in the works! We’ve recently moved to Breeze, a church management software that will allow you to access the directory online. It’s secure, easy-to-use, and for the office it will be much easier to make sure we’ve got everything up-to-date for you. Watch your email for updates on HOW to access Breeze, as well as an invitation to create your account.

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a data call to the whole parish – where we ask you to confirm your information is current. A great feature of Breeze is that you can go online and update your family’s contact information or even add photos any time you like.

We also know that folks like to have a printed directory ready to hand, and we’re working towards a more formal print version too. Unfortunately, in this time of COVID-19, Sibley House is closed, which means our print production is shut down too. We are printing in our homes, so we ask you to be patient, and only request a print version if you or someone you know is unable to access the online directory.

How you can help in advance: we have a number of adult children of members for whom we only have their parents’ contact information. If your “kiddos” fall into this category, please give them a friendly nudge and ask them to provide current contact info to the office so Christ Church can stay in touch!

Christ Church Detroit