Recently the Bishops of Michigan announced that our dioceses are moving from Phase 1.5 to Phase 2 of re-entry, effective March 28th, Palm Sunday, which allows for gathering inside at <25% capacity. Bishop Perry clarified that the purpose was to allow some parts of the state to go ahead if desired, since the three dioceses in Michigan have different needs.

For example, a reasonable use of this permission might be for a very small, neighborhood congregation (20-30 people) – perhaps in the Upper Peninsula – in which everyone is vaccinated to go ahead and gather indoors at <25% capacity during Holy Week and Easter.

Bishop Perry has continued to underscore the need for each congregation to continue to make its own decisions within the guidelines, using the Harvard Global Pandemic COVID-19 Risk Map data

So, what does this mean for the people of Christ Church?

Through conversation with the senior warden, staff, and worship team, it was decided that we would continue to have Worship at Home be our primary focus through Holy Week and Easter. Here are some of the factors considered:

  • Metrics show that infections are rising quickly in metro Detroit,
  • Our congregation includes a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated people,
  • Our sanctuary is not well-ventilated, 
  • Our worship team was already actively preparing for Holy Week & Easter according to the careful plans made prior to the bishops’ determination.

We are grateful for the opportunity to add outdoor gatherings, including a Palm Sunday processional and three brief Easter services. Conversations about how to move forward with the next phase of re-entry will be on-going, and we’ll be sure to keep the congregation informed as the situation evolves. Be assured that as the weather improves, we’ll be looking for ways to incorporate more in-person worship as we continue to maintain accessibility to our services.

You are invited to reach out to Rev. Emily or the wardens if you have questions, concerns, or ideas about our plans for re-entry. 


Christ Church Detroit