Dear Members and Friends of Christ Church Detroit,

Parishioners have been talking about a cookbook project for a while.  With the support of several members, we decided to embark on this endeavor to show our community’s love of food and especially of sharing fellowship and hospitality with that food.

This is a call for your favorite recipes or the favorite dishes provided by community members that are served at Sunday breakfasts or various special events throughout the year.  Christ Church Detroit is fortunate to have a rich ethnic and racial mix of people and foods to celebrate the many seasons of our church life together.

The call for recipes begins now.  We ask that all recipes be provided no later than Friday, January 15, 2021.  The committee’s goal is to have a digital and hopefully a print copy by Easter.

Please use the format below to provide your recipe; however, if you are unable to do this, we are happy to type up the recipes if you want to send a photocopy.  If you are encouraging someone else to submit their signature dish, please forward the format to them.  If your recipe was in the previous Christ Church cookbook, you are welcome to share it in this new version. In the event we receive multiple recipes for the same dish, the Committee will determine how to respectfully handle what is included. A committee member will contact you about the recipe you submit.

Questions??  email Sarah at


The Cookbook Committee

Miriam Costandi, Josephine Powell, Lauren Leney, Theresa Zajac
Sarah Tribelhorn, Operations & Emily Williams Guffey, Rector

Recipe Format – Information We Must Have

  • Name of the recipe/dish
  • Name of the person submitting
  • Email and/or phone number for follow up
  • Number of servings
  • Total Time to Prepare/Bake
  • Overview: If you want to provide a sentence or two of family/historical/cultural significance
  • Ingredients
  • Temperature
  • Steps
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