Recently, the mason has been working toward the top of the bell tower. He has cut the deteriorated mortar out of the joints and prepared them to receive new mortar. On the east elevation, in fact, the mason has already started replacing the mortar.

Our team at RAM Construction and Quinn Evans have found good matches for replacement of damaged sandstone and limestone. Although the new limestone will appear brighter, not yet marked by soot or pollution, it will blend in well. Fortunately, as the team has explored the top of the tower more closely, they have found that the limestone overall is in better condition than it had looked from the ground. Good news!

The crane is parked at the north edge of the parking lot, however sometimes we’ll be seeing it on the sidewalk, as the mason accesses different angles of the tower.

The architects determined that the dark color of the stones at the top of the tower reflects a protective coating, not just soot — or as the architects say, “atmospheric staining”. In replacement stones, the coating will be replaced to match.

Christ Church Detroit